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August 3rd, 2011
Creampie for the lonely housewife
After meeting 43-year-old Jenny Mason in the video interview the other day, we wondered what kind of hardcore performer she'd be. You see, Jenny seemed a little nervous. But, having seen this video, we can now say that Jenny's the kind of woman who would rather fuck than talk. Nervous Jenny is gone in this scene, replaced by horny, cock-hungry Jenny. The phone rings. It's Jenny's husband. He's sending over an employee to pick up some files. "Love you," Jenny says. Maybe, but when the employee shows up, Jenny gives him a glass of wine. Who does that? And she's sitting there in a short skirt with her legs slightly spread so he can look up her dress while they talk about her husband. "I kinda get a little horny when he's not here," Jenny tells Asante. Who says that? He's taken aback. "Horny is good," he says. She starts rubbing his leg, then invites him to sit next to her. Before we know it, he's eating her pussy.
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October 06, 2012
this is her best movie
August 07, 2011
What a total MILF!!
August 05, 2011
Jenny is a beautiful woman with a great body, her pussy looks great served up with a cream pie

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