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January 9th, 2012
Leilani Tells All and Shows All!
When this video interview opens, Leilani Lei, a 47- year-old amateur from Florida, is all folded up on a couch. She's wearing yellow yoga pants and a tiny green top. Then she unfolds herself and stands up, showing off her tight, tanned body. And then she takes her pants off and shows off her tiny G-string and even tinier tan lines. "My bathing suit is very tiny," Leilani reveals. "I have a hammock in my backyard, and I also go to the tanning salon." Leilani is happy to show off her tan lines and more. She says she used to be shy, but she's not shy anymore. She quickly takes off her stitch of clothing and, man, those tan lines! And she giggles. And she loves to show off. And then she sits down on the couch and gets her legs all the way back so we can view her tiny, tight pussy and puckering asshole.
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05/04/2012 7:50am
Thank you for the wonderful comments y'all! xo
05/04/2012 7:48am
Thank you for the wonderful comments y'all! xo
05/03/2012 10:12am
Absolutely stunning and beautifull
03/24/2012 2:40pm
MILF goddess!!! More!!!
01/21/2012 11:27am
This is the best of any interview you have on your site. You
have to bring Leilani back , FAST, FAST, FAST on the scale
of 1-10 she is an 18 hot, hot ,hot

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