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January 11th, 2012
Getting Loose With Leilani Lei Means Getting Stiff
Leilani Lei is teaching Al about meditation. Yoga, we guess. Al is keeping his eyes closed at the start, which is a good thing because Leilani, a 47-year-old from Florida, is looking very hot in those exercise pants, her G-string more than peeking out over the top. She decides to help him relax, but who could relax when this hottie has her hands all over your body? Turns out that Yoga with Leilani is a very sensual experience, especially when she has her little ass in your face. "Can you feel it?" Leilani says as she demonstrates the pose Downward-Facing Dog. Yeah, he can feel it. In his cock. But it's when Leilani helps Al with the bridge pose that things really start heating up. Al's supposed to be getting loose, but it looks like one part of his body is getting stiff, and Leilani's noticed. Before long, Leilani has his cock in her mouth and then in her pussy, and how does Al finally blow off that last bit of steam? By cumming all over Leilani's pretty face! We can hardly wait for Pilates.
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What members are saying about this update...

05/12/2013 7:34am
Most amazing lady! Non stop boner i get over you Leilani! i am 25 years old and you are hotter than 90% of girls my age! simply stunning! a blessing to this world you are! thanks! please do more videos! love your body! and tan lines are such a turn on
03/27/2013 1:35pm
So damn gorgeous.. oh the things I would do to you! ;)
07/06/2012 8:50am
Cannot get enough of your hot sexy body Leilani! Please post more ASAP!!!
05/04/2012 7:48am
Thank you for the wonderful comments y'all. xo
03/24/2012 11:42am
Great show awesome body
01/15/2012 12:42am
I can't get enough of Leilani, just keep watching her and
watching her, she is as you say , one great fuck toy, more
more more more more leilani
01/11/2012 11:52pm
we need more and more of leilani she is so fucking hot the
computer smokes get her back

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