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April 27th, 2011
Tori's a sucker for cock
In her debut 40SomethingMag.com fuck-and-suck scene, Tori Baker, 47, is working in a lingerie store, dressed in a short skirt, stockings and a sexy purple top that displays plenty of cleavage. In the background, some sleazy pervert is making believe he's shopping for lingerie for his fiancée, even though he doesn't really have one--oldest trick in the book--and, of course, his fiancée is built just like the saleswoman (what a coincidence!). So what does Tori do? She plays along. Why? Because she's horny. She shows him a few items, then tells him she has something that might be perfect..her bra!.while she's still wearing it! "Do you like what's in it or do you like the bra?" Tori asks. "I think I like both," he says, reaching out his slimy, cheating hands to cop a feel, and before he knows it, he's cheating on his fake fiancée and getting a blow job from the hot lingerie saleswoman and fucking her in positions his fake fiancée never even dreamed of. There's probably a lesson to be learned from this video, but we're not in the mood for lessons. We're in the mood to jack to Tori while she's upside-down and getting her cunt speared. So look for morality somewhere else.
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What members are saying about this update...

07/21/2013 11:20pm
These two have great chemistry!
11/25/2011 10:56pm
WOW, this momma has it going-on!
I'd like to get it going-on wiht her........
Can we have more of her??? Please!!!
11/23/2011 2:56pm
Tori has a great bod, can we see it again?
Love the way her face looks while she is getting pumped!
Bring her back hard.
09/18/2011 1:24pm
This movie looks really hot with her in it but sadly I need WMV to download the fucker so I can enjoy it better!!?
07/18/2011 3:13am
shit, this Tori chick is totally MILF hot.
Lewts see what else you have of her. I could watch her all day.....and night. A beauty
07/09/2011 9:22pm
This MILF is one for the record book! Can we see and hear more of her joy as
she gets fucked? Bring it on, PLEASE!
06/20/2011 8:59am
Amazing MILF, Tori is HOT
I would like to see more of her tits!
06/12/2011 12:28pm
awesome lady!
06/06/2011 11:53am
Awesome!!! However, when I viewed on the 06 of june it was in slow motion and no sound.
05/26/2011 2:14am
OH MY, OH MY - what a nice hot body. Can't believe she is really 47. Lets see much more of her!!!

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