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February 7th, 2011
China's Rose
"I did not know anything about sex before I moved to the United States with my new husband," said Rose, who was born in China. Saying she was sexually repressed would be a major understatement. Her husband told us, "Rose had never had an orgasm until she came to the U.S. She thought orgasms were only for men." Thumbs up to Rose's hubby for recognizing her as the fuck toy she would become. First, he taught her the joys of masturbation. "I had never seen a dildo before," she told us. "I loved being able to do things to myself that I had never done before. The first time I had an orgasm, I was afraid. I thought something was wrong with my body." But, as Rose discovered, everything was fine. "Then my husband ate my pussy for the first time and my life changed." It's a shame to think that if Rose had remained in China, her meaty, pink pussy's potential would have gone unrealized.
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12/02/2011 1:19am
Any chance to bring this model back?? For more than a few series and hopefully a lot of hardcore action... this is the kind of ladies that would make this site the best of all! Bring her back soon!
05/21/2011 1:18am
OMG!! What a hot little lady... I hope there's tons more of sesions with her coming up!!! Hurry!!!
04/24/2011 1:42pm
Please more!
02/21/2011 9:07pm
I would just love to bury my cock in that sexy pussy!
02/20/2011 11:54am
I would just love to bury my dick in that pussy!
Johnny Bio
02/10/2011 2:53am
I like her. Get her in a HC scene stat!

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