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40 Something XXX MILF

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Sindi Star - XXX MILF photos

June 3rd, 2011
Fuck My Mom, Please!
Sindi once told us that her favorite subject is her pussy. Yeah, her pussy. Ever heard of such a thing?

"I love it," she said. "I play with my pussy every night. Mostly I use a vibrator right on my clit, and it makes a funny noise like the gardener is outside. Some women's pussies are really tiny and some are really big. In my opinion, mine's kind of medium, but I definitely have the type of lips that flare out. Do you think I have a small pussy, a big pussy or a medium pussy?" She smiled. "My pussy's been fucked a lot, but I keep it tight. Isn't that all that really counts?"

Definitely, and in these photos, it gets fucked one more time, this time by her son's best friend.
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