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MILF Photos » "F" Is For Fucking, "C" Is For Creampie

"F" Is For Fucking, "C" Is For Creampie

Featuring: Stacie King
Date: August 26th, 2011
Photos: 65
There's an exam today, and Ivan didn't bother to study. Nope. Last night, he was too busy cruising bars and supermarkets for MILFs. So what does he do? He cheats. He pulls the ol' "cheat sheet up your sleeve" trick. But Miss King is an experienced teacher, and she's wise to his cheating games. Uh-oh! Looks like somebody's in trouble. The thing is, Miss King can't give him an "F" if she can't find the evidence, so she conducts a full-body search. Is it under his shirt? No. In his back pocket? No.

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