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"I'd love to have you as my personal slave."

Featuring: Stormy Rose
Date: February 14th, 2011
Photos: 54
Would you like to be Stormy Rose's personal slave? "I'd love to have you as my personal slave," said Stormy. "I'm looking for a man who'll cater to my every whim, and I mean every whim. If you're in a meeting with your boss and I call, I expect you to drop everything." Stormy Rose is a dominatrix, and if you're thinking that you'd love to be dominated by a 50something divorcee with nice tits and a multi-pierced pussy, then applications for the position of "Personal Slave" are now being accepted at 40Something. "And if you don't have a kinky side, then don't even bother applying because I have a very kinky side," she said. "I just might dress you up in a dog collar and leash and lead you around the neighborhood, and if you don't like it, well, that's too bad, slave!" Of course, being Stormy Rose's slave has its rewards. "I just might have you get down on your knees and lap at my pussy and butthole for an hour or more," she said. "I might invite over one of my sexy girlfriends and order you to service her while I call the shots. And I might order you to stick your cock in my mouth and allow me to pleasure my pace, of course. You'll cum when I decide I want you to cum and not a second before." It's a job with benefits. "Excellent benefits.

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