On Your Knees, Brittney!

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On Your Knees, Brittney!

"My most recent fling was with a much-younger man," said Brittney Snow, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom. "I post a lot of photos online, and I get off on hearing responses. Well, this guy saw my photos and commented about what he would do to me, so I gave him my number and he came over. We massaged each other with oil. It started with light rubbing, but ended with us using the oil for hardcore fucking!"

But that's nothing compared to this scene, in which big-titted, blonde Brittney gets used as a sex toy by Tony, an experienced porn stud who knows how to treat a hot, horny MILF like Brittney.

"He really fucked my hot pussy!" Brittney said when the sex was over and she'd licked the last drop of cum off her fingers. "I don't think I've ever been fucked like that."

Glad to hear it, Brittney. We aim to please.

Brittney used to be in accounting. Now she strips and gives sensual body rubs. Is there a happy ending to that story? What do you think? Read More »
Featuring: Brittney Snow and Tony D'Sergio
Date: January 15th, 2014
Duration: 23:10

Member Comments

3 years ago 

Bring back Brittney for more videos. She is HOTTTT

6 years ago 

what a fine scene here yum

8 years ago 

More scenes with this beauty

9 years ago 

Amazing Scene. That the reason I am member of this Side. Very hot Lady begging for cock and cum. Fantastic. Hope see her back soon.

10 years ago 

I sleep with my face in her pussy every night

10 years ago 

Brittney's gorgeous pussy takes a pounding, yeeha

10 years ago 

guys dick is awesome for spot penetration

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