The pool boy fucks Crystal's ass

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The pool boy fucks Crystal's ass

Ah, so it's the ol' MILF-watches-the-pool-boy-and-then-fucks-him scenario! Something we never get tired of, mostly because it's reflective of reality. A recent survey showed that 79% of pool boys have fucked one of their clients, and in 63% of those cases, the client was a woman over 40.

Just kidding. We made that part up. But we have reason to believe it's true.

This time, the MILF--that's 49-year-old divorcee Crystal--doesn't invite the pool boy in for a drink. He looks through the window and catches her playing with herself and invites himself inside.

"So, you're my pool boy, I take it," Crystal says. "I would like some of what you have in that package. You work for me, so I'm really horny and I want you. I want your hard cock."

Now there's an offer that's impossible to refuse. After all, the holidays are just around the corner, and Pool Boy wants that holiday tip. Actually, what he wants to do is stick the tip of his dick--and the rest of it--in Crystal's mouth and pussy.

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Featuring: Crystal Jewels and Sergio
Date: December 12th, 2012
Duration: 22:02

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Need more bikini videos please
4 years ago 
+1 for bush
7 years ago 
A+ scene, but I prefer the reality scenes--and yes, more bush
7 years ago 
Big + for showing your sexy amalgamfilling in the end.just absolutley awesome, would be nice to see more of those fillings
7 years ago 
+1 more for hair pussies
7 years ago 
The sex is what matters and the sex in this video is excellent. That said I thought the setup was weak. She should have been the aggressor. He should be the innocent target of her voracious sexual appetite. I don't want to see him prying and walking into her home uninvited stroking himself.
7 years ago 
+1 for hairy pussies
7 years ago 
You know you get some of the Best models but lets face it the shaved snatchs have got to go I know I am not the Only one saying this more hairy pussies please for the Love of Porn Please

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