Crystal's first time

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Crystal's first time

When we first met 48-year-old Crystal, she told us, "I've been told for years that I should do porn, especially the sex part." Today, in Crystal's first hardcore video, we find out why. It's not just because she's hot and sexy. It's because she talks like a porn star, too. "Get that fucking cock over here next to me now," Crystal Jewels demands. She's wearing a strapless, lavender dress and stockings that we can see the top of. "What happens if I don't come over there right now?" Juan asks. "Well, I might have to make you come over," Crystal says. "You don't want this pussy?" "Why don't you tell me what you're going to do with my cock first?" Juan says. Now, Juan can get away with this kind of stuff because he's a stud in a porn scene and he knows he's going to get some no matter what he says. But our recommendation goes as follows: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Because at home, your woman might not say what Crystal says next: "I want it in my hot, wet pussy," she says. "I want you to pound… Read More »

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Featuring: Crystal Jewels and Juan Largo
Date: September 5th, 2012
Duration: 19:39

Member Comments

11 years ago 

I compliment Crystal on her cock sucking technique as well as having a very
beautiful pussy. Her moaning in the beginning felt a little forced, but nothing
that was difficult to watch.

11 years ago 

mmmm c jewels i wil lick your pussy

11 years ago 


11 years ago 

Rubbish like the last 7 pages of videos on here !! :O(

11 years ago 

crystal is super fucking hot, she is outstanding, more ,
more, more, more she's fucking on fire love her

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