Jemini's Afternoon Delight

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Jemini's Afternoon Delight

As the cars drive by outside, the people in those cars have no idea that inside, just on the other side of that window they just passed, a thick, horny, 44-year-old divorcee named Jemini Jordan is having nasty, forbidden, on-camera sex with a stud she hadn't even known until minutes earlier. That's the way things happen at the studio, where just about every afternoon brings some lucky people a little afternoon delight.

Is there much dialogue in this scene? No, not really. Jemini moans, "Oh," when Sergio spanks her big ass. She smacks her lips when she wraps them around his cock. She says, "Mmmmph" and "Ahhhh," while she sucks his cock, and he says, "Suck my cock," which he doesn't have to say because Jemini's already doing it. So, not much dialogue. Just a lot of sucking and fucking. Just the way we like it.

You'll like Jemini with her long, blonde hair and big hips and big thighs. You'll like how she can take a hard pounding. She liked it, too.

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Featuring: Jemini Jordan and Sergio
Date: January 16th, 2013
Duration: 20:47

Member Comments

4 years ago 

She's the reason I joined this sight. Bring her back!! Fucking beautiful.

5 years ago 

Thick sluts are always good cock suckers. It must have something to do with their appetite.

7 years ago 

Nice BJ skills, Jemini really knows how to work that cock!

11 years ago 

Jemini really gets me going. Watching her have sex is a privilege. I would love to spend some alone time with this magnificent woman.

11 years ago 

Got to love that sexy little blonde. Would love to see her get the chance to do more

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