Why Lake Russell Is Better Than A Tiny Blue Pill

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Why Lake Russell Is Better Than A Tiny Blue Pill

Lake, wearing glasses that make her look even sexier than usual, greets her new client. She's a shrink, not a hooker, by the way. Now, her patient isn't doing too well with the ladies. "I've been having inadequacy problems lately," he tells her. "It's kinda embarrassing to talk about. I used to not have this problem, but then every time I get close to someone, something happens." Or doesn't happen. Meanwhile, Lake is in her own little dream world. Her husband thinks she wants to have sex with a black man...and you know what? He's right! Well, therapy is all about honesty on both sides. The patient has to be honest. The therapist has to be honest. In this case, Lake honestly wants his cock. And she's honestly wearing a very short skirt. "You just have to trust me," Lake tells Mr. Black. "You have to stop worrying. I'm your doctor. You must trust me and do what I say." Translation: "You must let me suck your big, black cock. You must trust me when I put it in my pussy. And you must… Read More »

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Featuring: Lake Russell and Dutch Morgan
Date: September 14th, 2011
Duration: 20:31

Member Comments

6 years ago 
What a fantastic anal scene, particularly towards the end where Mr Black has his cock ball deep into her asshole and Lake is playing with her superb hairy cunt. Love the bush and how Lake knows how to use it (and her sweet ass). Bring back Lake.
7 years ago 
Where is the gorgeous Lake Russell?
8 years ago 
A beautifully staged and performed video. She is the aggressor throughout. He is shy, accommodating and never in a hurry. The sex was nice and slow so we could see what was going on in proper detail. I wish the doggie style scene had lasted longer but this is one of your best videos.
8 years ago 
I agree with the rest what a great furry bush I for one am getting truly tired of seeing bald pussies more bush please.
9 years ago 
Love Lake Russell who has a hagged MILF look! what I really like about Lake is her hairy black cunt which makes a change from all the bald ones! 9/10
9 years ago 
Yes at last a real woman with a really hairy CUNT! I love Lake Russell because she always has some pubic hair, great scene great actress who has that weathered look. 9/10
9 years ago 
What a fantastic black bush! It starts above her pussy and then grows down both sides of her pussy and around her asshole. Would love to see a big load all over that delicious bush.

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