Hot, sloppy, well-fucked cougar cunt

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Hot, sloppy, well-fucked cougar cunt

"So, here we are," Tony says to Morgan as they lie in bed. "What do you want to do?" Morgan says as she strokes Tony's cock. What does he want to do? What does any man want to do when a sexy MILF like Morgan is stroking his cock through his undershorts? He wants to fuck her, of course! "I can't wait to see that big cock," Morgan says. "I'm getting all hot and bothered." Morgan is dressed to fuck in a sexy bra, matching panties and stockings. She doesn't waste much time with the preliminaries, first wrapping her big tits around Tony's cock then putting on an ass show. It's a fine ass, round and fleshy and slappable. He slaps it hard and Morgan begs, "Spank that ass!" She then lies on her back so he can suck her tits. Then she rolls over and sucks his cock. And then he fucks her pussy hard. Really hard. Morgan takes a pounding and enjoys every thrust. This is why they call fucking "banging." Morgan gets banged, and then Tony cums in her pussy, which pulsates. "Oh, hot, sticky cum!"… Read More »

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Featuring: Morgan Monroe and Tony D'Sergio
Date: September 12th, 2012
Duration: 19:59

Member Comments

10 years ago 

Love the passion in Morgan!! Look forward to seeing lots more of her!

11 years ago 

I really like Morgan! I think what I like most about her is she reminds me of an
older woman I used to have a crush on a long time ago. Morgan exudes this
sexuality that is undeniable!

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