A MILF With An Ass

A MILF With An Ass

"I'm not like most mature women you know. Now you're going to find out why!" Arowyn is a change of pace from a lot of MILFs you see these days. You know, the ones who can't pull themselves away from the gym for more than five minutes. The kind who think men are turned on by skin and bones. Not Arowyn. She has big tits and a big ass, and she's proud of them. "Tits and ass are two of the things that separate women from men," she said. "I like my men to have something to grab onto so they know what they're dealing with." We think they already know.

Arowyn is the kind of woman you have to love. She's a trashy, busty blonde who's old enough to know what her body is best used for: pleasuring men and herself. So many mature women spend far too much time in the gym, hoping to somehow achieve society's ideal body. Arowyn is just happy to have big tits and a big ass. She's happy with what she's got. "They make my men happy," she said. "And they get me what I want." Which is? "More men, silly! All I have to do is go out in a low-cut top that shows some cleavage and I'll have men following me around the store or the mall, and then I can have my pick of who I want to fuck. No guy has ever said no to me."

We've paid so much attention to Arowyn's tits and ass that we almost forgot about her pussy. Yep, it's a hairy pussy, and that's another thing you don't see much of these days. "It's funny because it used to be that shaved pussy was unusual, but now a pussy like mine with hair on it is unusual. I love men's reactions when they see it for the first time. They can't believe I have hair down there! But then they love playing with it and licking it."

Arowyn has an unusual approach to dating. "If it's a guy I like, I try to hold out for him to make the first move," she said. "If it's a guy I don't like, I always make the first move, which surprises them." Either way, Arowyn and the guy both get fucked. "A few times, I've fucked a guy I didn't like and ended up liking him because he made me cum so much. But only the guys I know I Iike get to fuck my ass."

In the DVD Seasoned Sluts, Arowyn fucks herself with a dildo then fucks the guy who's interviewing her. "Fuck that twat of mine! Give it to me!" Arowyn screams as her pussy gets filled missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, boobs swinging, before she's rewarded with a wet load of man-goo all over her tits. In Fur Pie MILFs, Arowyn tells us she's going to show us the fuck of our lives and delivers by sucking and fucking and taking a big cock deep in her broad ass. "He shot his spunk all over my ass cheeks, and it dripped down into my asshole, down into my pussy, down my legs," Arowyn told us later. "I really made him cum! Have I made you cum?"

Give the girl what she wants, men.
Featuring: Arowyn White
Date: April 1st, 2013
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The straight hair looks much better on her than the curly. And fuck is she HOT!!!

9 years ago 

If you look in the dictionary for the definition of "tits and ass" there is a photo of Arowyn White. The bonus is her furry cunt. Sensational!

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