"I love to be watched," Barbie Lynn said. "That's why I decided to model for 40Something. What could be hotter than being watched by thousands of men at the same time, and they all have their cocks in their hands!" You've got that right, Barbie. And in about a second, many of those guys are going to squirt all over your pussy. "Yummy! I just wish I could watch." Long-legged Barbie Lynn was born in Texas and now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she's living the life of a wild divorcee on the prowl. "One time at a local adult club, my date arranged a surprise gang bang for me," she said. "I don't know how long it lasted. It must have been hours. All I know is that 15 guys must have fucked me, and when we were done, I was drenched in cum." We asked Barbie if she plays any sports and she said, "Do orgies count?" We asked her how often she has sex and she said, "As often as possible. Sometimes three or more times a day." We asked her how she'd be dressed if we saw her in public and…

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Featuring: Barbie Lynn
Date: November 7th, 2011
Photos: 50

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3 years ago 
So so so Sexy, oh to be between those long legs with my hands cup on your bountiful ass....sigh
7 years ago 
Another reason I joined this site is BARBIE LYNN, I saved all her sets and videos from another site and save her in my documents as my ultimate wife-my dream goddess wife of all time, she is the love of my life-OMG SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE, HER HAIR AND LOOKS ARE TO DIE FOR, OMG, HER BIIIIG FAT BUTT AND DREAM THIGHS MAKE ME WANT TO MARRY HER, SHE IS HEAVEN ON EARTH PERFECT AND GORGEOUS! I LOVE the HAIR on her pussy that panties CAN'T COVER-OMG! Her GODDESS looks and BLUE EYES DRIVE ME INSANE, he LEGS ARE TO DIE FOR OMG, the THICK HAIR ON HER PUSSY IS MAKING MY COCK THROBBING HARD-OMG! I would do anything on God's earth to marry her!
8 years ago 
Gorgeous pussy hair. Barbie is a beautiful woman and extremely hot.
8 years ago 
love that bush!!!
9 years ago 
Let's invite this beautiful babe back for a second date!
9 years ago 
Love that bush baby!

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