Our Oldest Covergirl Ever!

Our Oldest Covergirl Ever!

It's hard to believe (because she looks so damn good!), but you are looking at the oldest woman to ever appear in 40Something. Her name is Christy, she turned 68 this past June and what's even more impressive is that she's also our oldest covergirl ever. "It's incredibly exciting," she said. "This is one of the highlights of my life."

"It's fun for me when guys try to catch a peek at me in public, looking down my blouse or up my skirt," Christy said. "The best are the looks that I get on the beach. Guys of all ages like shapely boobs, asses and long legs. And hey, I like the attention of guys of all ages. It's a blast giving my nude business card to an unsuspecting guy who has been checking me out in public somewhere!" Now, she can show her admirers her pictures in 40Something!

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Featuring: Christy Cougar
Date: September 14th, 2009
Photos: 30

Member Comments

9 years ago 

Can we please see more of this beautiful, seemingly very classy lady!?!?!?!?!?! She's gorgeous and adds so much to so many of your sites! MORE, PLEASE!!! :-)

10 years ago 

Literally the hotest milf ever!!

12 years ago 

I agree with the others... please show more of Christy Cougar. Video in process?

13 years ago 

A very impressive woman! But if she's a cougar, she needs some prey. Bring her
some 18-year-olds to fuck!

14 years ago 

Please get more if this great beauty!

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