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Don't be intimidated. Sure, it's possible that Cori Gates can kick your ass. It's also very possible that she'll give you the best, most-memorable sex of your life.

"Some people say I don't look feminine," said Cori, a 5'4", 135-pound 44-year-old from California who competes on the pro bodybuilding circuit and is also a porn star. "That's fine. I'm comfortable with me. Some people look at me and say, 'That's ugly," but that's their opinion. Others are intimidated or jealous. People either love you or they hate you. I get a lot of weird looks. I also get a lot of compliments...especially in the bedroom."

And, of course, on the bodybuilding circuit, where she has won some semi-pro competitions and is now trying to find her way on the pro circuit.

"Before I got into bodybuilding, I was perfect for porn," Cori said. "I'm little and I've always had a nice ass. Before, I was too small for bodybuilding but perfect for porn. Now I'm just the right size for bodybuilding, but fortunately, there are still a lot of guys who like and appreciate a woman who is built like me."

Cori, who was born in Maryland, got into bodybuilding when she was 18, then was away from the sport for nearly 22 years before getting back into it when she was 40.

"I've always been fit," Cori said. "My mother got me into it when I was 18, and I was always attracted to weights. But this isn't the kind of thing that most women can just pick up and do. It's a gift. Eighty-percent of bodybuilding is genetics, and the rest is knowing what to do, how to eat right, how to train. I never go to barbeques! But I'm trying to take a slow approach to my career. I want to look healthy. I want to look like a woman. I want to be able to pose for a magazine like 40Something and have a sex life."

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Featuring: Cori Gates
Date: March 26th, 2012
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9 years ago 

your butt is what a black man needs to get in.

11 years ago 

Whom ever told Cori she's not sexy or beautiful is so very very wrong. More Muscle MILFS!!!!!! Please.

12 years ago 

More of muscle MILF's. There are many of them. Ask Denise Masino,Francesca Petitejean,Yvette Bova,Utah Sweet,Kelly,Corina Curves,Ronda Lee Quresma to be in 40somethings.

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