Donna's Pearl Necklace

Donna's Pearl Necklace

"It's an honor to be 65 and doing this," said Donna Davidson, who's married and is here with the blessing of her
husband. "I think a lot of 65-year-olds wouldn't want to let their bodies be on camera, but I feel like I've worked really hard to take care of mine, so it's fun to be here." Donna, the pleasure is all ours, and by the way, we think you look very classy wearing those pearls. They look great up against your pink pussy. "I'm usually more casual," she said. "I usually don't wear pearls."

Donna, who calls herself "the sexy girl-next-door," lives in Montana and enjoys gardening, hiking, cross-country skiing and other outdoor pursuits. She isn't a swinger-"I live in such a small town, you'd have to invite the
entire town to a party!"- and is a soft-spoken woman who seems to know she's sexy but doesn't flaunt it...except
for her husband, who bought her the outfit she's wearing in these photos. Smart man. Lucky man. "I don't watch
much TV," she said. "I'm too busy. But me and my…

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Featuring: Donna Davidson
Date: January 2nd, 2012
Photos: 69

Member Comments

3 years ago 
And 65 I'd love to play with you babe
9 years ago 
love her. nice to see older women are still sexy. love the pearls

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