"I work in a shop that sells sexy lingerie," said Ember, a British divorcee who takes full advantage of the employee discount. "These stockings are my favorite item." Yes, Ember came to her 40Something photo shoot with her own wardrobe, and she proceeded to destroy it, crotch first. "I've gone through 20 pairs of these already," she said. "I love to wear them and have my lovers tear through them to get to my pussy. I wish I had discovered the shop and my love of lingerie while I was still married," Ember said, somewhat sadly. "My problem was that all I cared about was keeping a nice home and taking care of our children, when I should have spent more time taking care of my hubby's needs. Then, when he left, I needed a job, so I started to work at the lingerie shop. That's when I realized that I love sexy lingerie, and that's when I realized how much fun the company of a gentleman can be."

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Featuring: Ember
Date: January 5th, 2009
Photos: 80

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