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Bikini Buster

Featuring: Ginger Taylor
Date: August 31st, 2009
Photos: 33
Here's Ginger Taylor, 46 and from Texas, wearing an outfit most women half her age wouldn't feel confident wearing. Some might say it takes guts to wear what she's wearing, but guts isn't what it takes: It takes tits. Ass. Curves. "I'm not sure I would've worn this when I was 23," she said, "but now I know what I've got." This is Ginger's second appearance in 40Something. The first was in the January '09 issue, and Ginger enjoyed seeing her sexy pictures. "They were a big turn-on for me and every man I was with," she said. "I loved showing my pictures to men and seeing their reaction." When Ginger showed her pictures to men, the reaction usually was.."a hard-on. A raging hard-on. One guy I was with admitted to me later that he'd been having trouble performing, but he didn't have trouble that night.

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