Divorcee On The Prowl

Divorcee On The Prowl

For over 30 years, Jillian, 54, lived a very unfulfilling sex life with her husband Brett. During the days, she tended to beds as a nurse. At night, she tended to a very lonely bed as her husband rarely initiated sex with her. Finally, it took a doctor and his unorthodox practices to open Jillian's eyes to what she was missing out on.

"They hired this new doctor at my hospital," she said. "He was a younger guy with some different theories about how to take care of patients. One of his beliefs was that rectal thermometers were the most accurate way of taking a patient's temperature."

You can guess what happened next. And now that she's divorced and come to realize that she's an anal sex lover, Jillian doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"Getting divorced was hard on me, but it was necessary," she said. "I'm looking for two guys now so I can have two cocks at once, one in my pussy and the other up my ass. I won't waste my time with another man who won't…

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Featuring: Jillian
Date: July 20th, 2009
Duration: 75

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@member_2072218, Honestly, we have no idea. Most of these models were total amateurs at porn when they came to us, and for almost all of them, it's a one-shot, bucket-list kind of thing. Since we very rarely try to shoot a model more than once, they generally drop out of sight.
1 year ago 
As a longtime member, please at least tell us what happened to her? We have been waiting for years. I can't believe that she only had 1 set and never follow up. She is amazing! Thanks !
1 year ago 
Very pretty milf who would be hotter today!
1 year ago 
Jillian said she wanted to hear from readers who wanted a piece of her tail. I'm sure we all do. It has been years, and I doubt she'll do this again...but I hope I'm wrong. Everyone would love to see her come back!
1 year ago 
Hands down this my most favorite set ever from 40Something
2 years ago 
One of the best photo sets ever!
3 years ago 
She is the best of the best. No matter what the cost, bring her back for more please
4 years ago 
Holy shit!
5 years ago 
Feed her to Jmac!
7 years ago 
You folks at 40Something really should Bring Jillian back for a video and fullfill her ned for anal sex, if that is done alot of us would renew almost immediately.
8 years ago 
i love to get a piece of you and hope they get you to do a video on here trust me it will boost ratings!!
8 years ago 
she is en fuego no matter what her age...so sensual looking in this lingerie.....i will fulfill he every need
8 years ago 
hot mama!!!
8 years ago 
Please bring her back for more.This woman could make millions doing porn,and I would love to explore her body with my mouth!!!!
8 years ago 
Super Great mature Lady! Exciting nipples and lacey braand garters! Please more!
8 years ago 
is there a video of this milf
8 years ago 
Damn It truly would be an honor to meet her and satisfy her need and mine to fufill a long awaited fantasy to explore anal sex. Shit I too have been in a sexless marriage for to damn long finally divorced
9 years ago 
Even at this age, I must say that Jillian is one hell of a hot, gorgeous woman. I wouldn't think twice about wanting to spend some quality time with her.
9 years ago 
What a beautiful,sexy woman and she loves anal! A perfect lady that I would love to meet.
10 years ago 
Smoking Hot!!!!!!
10 years ago 
A woman like Jillian shouldn't be on the prowl for long. Please, put her in a
bedroom with a youngster and let us watch her give him a raging hardon, and
then see what she does about it.

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