Kali gives up her ass to a 24-year-old

Kali gives up her ass to a 24-year-old

Ivan is in trouble. He knows he's in serious shit. He mistakenly sent an email to his boss that was meant for somebody else, and you know how it is with that SEND button...there's just no turning back. But he figures that maybe, just maybe, he can get out of this jam. He tells the company's secretary, Kali Karinena, what happened.

"I need to go in his office," Ivan says.

"You can't go in there," Kali says, "but I have access to his email account, so come around."

Ivan is embarassed, and for good reason. That email he sent? It's a dick pic. But when Kali sees the photo, she thinks Ivan has no reason to be ashamed.

"Ivan, is this you?" she says.

"Yes," Ivan says.

"Oh my goodness, I never knew this about you," Kali says, clearly intrigued. "I think we can do something about it."

As she's saying this, she's rubbing his package, and Ivan is getting even more flustered. So they go into the boss's office--he's not there--and Kali takes matters into her own hands. And her own mouth.…

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Featuring: Kali Karinena and Ivan Nukes
Date: June 12th, 2015
Photos: 59

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Love the short hair. That last pic is epic.
6 years ago 
What great eyes... and everything else too! ;)
What a hotty!
7 years ago 
Thanks for the appreciation - there's more to come!
7 years ago 
Please more from Kali , she is very sexy as a mature secretary or a businesswomen
7 years ago 
Beautiful woman..I wouldn't mind packin her pooper myself!

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