Stick it in her ass? O-Kay!

Stick it in her ass? O-Kay!

Let's welcome back Kay, a 48-year-old housewife who told us, "Sucking cock is my favorite thing in the world," and, "I've given thousands of blow jobs, and my husband has seen all of them," and, "I used to be very, very shy, but now I love having sex in front of an audience. I love to blow men's minds."

This time around, this sexy, slutty, big-titted blonde shows just how good a cock-sucker she is by taking Johnny's long, thick cock in her mouth. She doesn't get it all but she gets almost all of it, and she's even nice enough to make her cheek pucker with his dick-head while looking into the camera.

"This boy had a big dick," Kay said. "But that's fine with me. I love gagging on big cocks."

The main event of this scene comes when Kay takes every inch of Johnny's big cock in her ass and bounces up and down on it.

"I thought his cock was going to split my asshole in half," Kay said after she wiped his cum off her face. "It felt so good!"

This is the third appearance on for Kay, who lives in Connecticut and is living her fantasy and her husband's fantasy by fucking for our viewing pleasure. Hubby was sitting just a few feet away while a perfect stranger was having his way with his wife's asshole. He's used to seeing his wife do slutty things.

"I once did a gangbang with another woman," Kay said. "I had never met any of the guys or the girl in person prior to the encounter. I was so turned on by her and the situation that after several of the guys dumped their loads all over her, I licked her entire body clean, eating all the cum off her, including her ass. Then we made out. It was really hot."

And then, Kay and her husband went home and fucked. The key to a happy marriage.
Featuring: Kay Kummingz and Johnny Champ
Date: June 22nd, 2012
Photos: 56

Member Comments

8 years ago 

She's a hottie! Great closeup pics when sucking cock. See if you can get her back.

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