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Make Me Cum Hard!

Featuring: Nikki Reed
Date: September 1st, 2009
Photos: 40
"I was really ignorant about sex," said Nikki Reed, a 41-year-old divorcee from San Diego. "Since I have worked full-time my whole life, I really didn't have women friends to confide in. My husband didn't know Jack shit about pleasing a woman. And then I was raising my kids, and who had time to think about sex or anything else during those years?" But then Nikki found out that since the third year of their 21-year marriage, her husband had been cross-dressing and moonlighting as a drag queen in gay clubs. Even worse, he was having an affair with a man named "Tina." She filed for divorce the next day. The minute it became final, she laid out plans for her new life. "I thought about all the things that I hadn't done and that I was going to make time to do now. And the first thing on my list was to have an orgasm. I went out and bought my first toy and a bunch of pornos, maybe like 20, and I think I spent about four days in my bed, watching dirty movies and cumming over and over again until my pussy was so tender, I couldn't fuck myself anymore. That was when I discovered that I liked to have something in my ass.

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