Persia Monir

Mornings at 40Something start with a treat for the editor. The phone rings. The studio manager is on the line. She says, "Do you wanna come in and see the new 40something we're shooting?" The answer is always "Yes!" Then the studio manager has the new girl show me her body: front, side and rear. Very simple. And lots of fun. But it was more fun with Persia. Because when she was asked to show me her tits, she squeezed them together and stuffed them in my face. When she was asked to show me her ass, she bent over, spread her legs and ass cheeks. I was already finding out that Persia is different.

40Something: Hi, Persia, and welcome to 40Something. You really are Persian, aren't you?

Persia: I am.

40Something: On both sides of your family?

Persia: No. My mother is from Oklahoma, and I was born in Oklahoma. My father was born in Iran and came over to the United States when he was 16. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and I live in South Florida. Palm Beach, actually.

40Something: Do you dance?

Persia: Yes. I've been dancing since I was seven years old. I didn't start stripping until I was 34.

40Something: And you're 50 now.

Persia: Yes.

40Something: Which is hard to believe. We've had a run of 50somethings who didn't look their age. Gia Giancarlo was our covergirl in the January issue, she's 52 and she doesn't look a day over 40. Our headline was, "Can you believe it? Gia is 52!" People probably can not believe that you are 50.

Persia: No. People say, "50? Really? No way! You're only 33, you're only 42." Whatever. I think women should be perpetually 28.

40Something: So, going back in time, at 34, you decided to become a stripper. Do you remember the first time you were on stage?

Persia: Oh, yeah! I loved it because it was natural for me, and I love being on stage.

40Something: Topless? Bottomless?

Persia: Well, there was lap dancing, which shocked me. I didn't realize I was going to have to do that. I thought it was just going to be a nude bar, and then they said, "Oh, by the way, you have to put latex on your nipples and do lap dancing." But I was like a duck to water. No problem. I loved it. And I love to put the heat on. I love to be touched and stroked. And dancing in the clubs helped me learn a lot about chemistry with people. It doesn't matter what somebody looks like. It's all in their hands. A really good-looking guy could come into the club, and I'd dance
for him, but he'd do nothing for me, but then some fat bald guy would make my eyes roll back in my head. Go figure!

40Something: Orgasms while giving lap dances? You've had them?

Persia: Oh, yeah! I had a guy, the DJ turned me onto him. He said, "I know that guy's got a lot of money. Go give him a dance." The guy looked like a paranoid schizophrenic, but he loved big breasts. So I took the DJ's advice and started dancing for him, and this guy gave me an orgasm that I couldn't believe. I came so loud, I scared the hell out of him, and he ran out of the bar. I guess he couldn't handle it, and every time he saw me after that, he'd run out of the bar.

40Something: Really? You'd think he'd come back for more.

Persia: You'd think he would, and he eventually did. But this didn't just happen one time, me cumming so hard. I danced for him many, many times after we got used to each other. But it blew him out of the water.

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Featuring: Persia Monir
Date: June 22nd, 2009
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7 years ago 

Persia is a goddess ... i cum over and over her ;))

8 years ago 

See, are the reason why we need more women like you in this world. It would be a much better place. You are simply every man's dream. Well,...a straight man's dream. Sh@$&!t. A world of you would make every man straight. From head to toe, you are beautiful. Very nice! Thank you Ms Persia.

8 years ago 

Waouuu most beautiful milf on porn ever

9 years ago 

Persia I love you, I want you ;)

9 years ago 

This is a great pictorial of the fantastic 50plus milf Persia, especially the shots of her showing or better still fingering her tight asshole. My only complaint - she isn't sporting her customary bush.

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