Conservative By Day, Kinky By Night

Conservative By Day, Kinky By Night

My day, Sage is a sales representative for a major soft drink company. But on weekends, she likes to dress up in kinky outfits, looking for men to bring home and fuck. "I think it's pretty impressive that I've managed to keep my job for so long considering that I come in just about every Monday morning having spent the weekend fucking. And when I say fucked, I mean high-energy fucking."

We love Sage's pink pussy, we love her ass, but we really have our eyes on those long, thick nipples. "I've always had big nipples considering that my titties aren't very big," she said. "My nipples get real hard real quickly when I'm turned on. Guys love sucking on them and since it gets my pussy so wet, I don't stop them. It feels even better if they do it when they're fucking me, drilling my pussy and sucking my nips."

"Most people at work would probably be very surprised to see me doing this," Sage said. "I mean, I'm a very conservative, professional dresser at my job. I tend to…

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Featuring: Sage Quest
Date: September 8th, 2009
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