Busty, sexy and ass-fucked

Busty, sexy and ass-fucked

Sophia Jewel, 43, is dressed in a sexy outfit, but it's not the kind of thing she couldn't wear to the mall or the food store.

"In fact," she said, "this is exactly the kind of outfit I might wear to go to the mall."

She's wearing tight jeans and a top that's just sheer enough so we can see her cleavage but not so sheer that she would be asked, for example, to leave the mall. But before long, the top comes off, the bottom comes off and Sophia has cock and balls in her mouth. And then she's hopping on top of that cock, riding it with her pussy, but the big event is when her stud slides his cock into her asshole.

Yep, her asshole. When we first met Sophia, she told us that what sexually satisfies her best is, "A cock in my ass then in my pussy and back and forth, ending in my pussy." Here, the cock goes from her pussy to her asshole and never goes back to her pussy, but Sophia wasn't complaining.

"That big cock felt so good in my ass!" she said, but not until she had wiped the cum off her face (although when she told us this, we thought we saw a little bit of leftover cum on her chin).

Sophia grew up on Long Island and now lives in Miami, and the wildest things she's ever done (other than having sex on the hood of a car) are the things she's doing here. And we'll be forever grateful for that.
Featuring: Sophia Jewel and Rocky
Date: April 12th, 2013
Photos: 47

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8 years ago 

See her fuckin' horny, juicy holes stuffe with a big cock made me cum so hard ;-))

11 years ago 

fun set of pics, I sure hope in the videos that her big boobies are showcased even more. true hottie!

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