Game On!

So Alex invites his friends Lucas and JMac, over to his house to watch the game, and Stacie, being a good step-mom, has prepared the boys some snacks. Chips. Burgers. Drinks. Wings. But, suddenly, Lucas and JMac aren't watching the game, and although they're hungry, their hunger can't be satisfied by food. "Dude, your mom is hot," one of them says. "She's my step-mom, actually, so I'll let you say that shit this time," Alex responds, a bit taken aback. Well, a few minutes later, wouldn't you know it, Alex gets a call from his father. Dad's car has broken down, and now Alex has to go pick him up...and leave Lucas and JMac alone with his step-mom. So Alex leaves, and Stacie is sitting at a table near where the boys are sitting, cutting coupons, looking over her shoulder at the boys, who are starting to get the message and sending a few of their own. "Dude, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yeah, but you think she'll go for it? I mean, it's his step-mom." You can probably guess most of what happens next. What you probably won't guess is that 43-year-old Stacie gets fucked in the ass by both of her step-son's friends. Hey, it's not her fault the damn car broke down!
Featuring: Stacie King, J Mac, and Lucas Stone
Date: October 7th, 2011
Photos: 64

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