The MILF, the boyfriend and the teenager

The MILF, the boyfriend and the teenager

What's a 19-year-old girl doing in a scene? Well, we'll tell you. It goes like this:

Trixie, who's 48 years old, and Juan are old friends. Juan has a girlfriend. Her name is Ava. She's 19 years old. We know, what's with that?

Now, these young chicks...sometimes they're not open to new things sexually. Stuff creeps them out. Juan wants to do some swinging with Ava. Ava, who, like many teenage girls thinks a guy should worship at her feet just for allowing him to fuck her pussy, is reluctant. Juan tells Trixie about this, and Trixie tells him, "Bring her over tonight. I'll change her mind."

And that's what this scene is all about: Trixie, a wife and MILF from Ohio, a woman with a very open mind about sex, trying to bring Ava over to the swinging lifestyle.

Now, in our opinion Juan should dump the 19-year-old and keep fucking Trixie. From these photos, Trixie looks better, sucks better and fucks better. Or maybe Juan is thinking, "Hey, I can have both." Which still doesn't seem like a good idea to us. I mean, if somebody offers you a hamburger and a good steak, you're not going to eat both. You're going to eat the steak.

Anyway, that's what this scene is all about. Whaddya think, members?
Featuring: Ava Hardy, Trixie Blu, and Juan Largo
Date: March 8th, 2013
Photos: 38

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11 years ago 

hands-on sex education.....

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