Blonde, pierced and horny

Blonde, pierced and horny

The people who know Trixie Blu back home wouldn't be surprised to see Trixie here, showing off her beautiful, naked body, spreading her legs, having sex with strangers.

"Everybody picks up on my sexuality pretty quickly," Trixie said. "I have a co-worker who I got to be pretty good friends with, and I told him that my husband and I were swingers, and he said, 'I know.' He had already figured it out by the things I'd said about going out and just my presence."

On the one hand, she's a mom. On the other hand..."I have always pushed the limits sexually," she said.

Let's get to know Trixie.

40SOMETHING: How often do you have sex?
TRIXIE: At least once a day. Sometimes more if I can.

40SOMETHING: Is being here the wildest thing you've ever done sexually?
TRIXIE: It depends on your idea of wild. We once had sex on a trampoline in the backyard where all the neighbors could see us.

40SOMETHING: Did they see you?
TRIXIE: They must have, but nobody said anything.

40SOMETHING: What do you like to do in your free time?
TRIXIE: Go dancing. Hang out with friends. Swing. Have sex.

40SOMETHING: We're back to sex again, aren't we?
TRIXIE: Yes. It's just about my favorite thing to do.

40SOMETHING: You mentioned that the first time you were with a big, black cock, you had a hard time getting your mouth around it. Have you gotten better at that?
TRIXIE: Yeah, a little better. I've been practicing. I've had more experience.

40SOMETHING: What's the most amount of BBCs you've had at once?
TRIXIE: I actually have not had multiple BBCs. Yet.

40SOMETHING: You said "yet." It's on the agenda?
TRIXIE: Definitely. It's very high up on my list of fantasies to have two black men at the same time.

40SOMETHING: Okay, so Cali Houston came to our studio first. And then she called you up and said to you...
TRIXIE: "Hey, I've got a proposition for you. Something you might be interested in doing." So she said let's do dinner and we'll talk about it. And we met for dinner and she started telling me about how much fun it was and she thought I would like it, and we started taking some pictures and sending them in.

40SOMETHING: You know, we've discovered that a lot of swingers are very private but some like being here. What do you think the difference is between you and other swingers who wouldn't come here? Would you encourage them to?
TRIXIE: It's their choice. Everybody's different. Some people have certain couples they swing with and don't want to mix it in with anybody else, so that's their choice. But they're missing out! Cali was right about this!

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Featuring: Trixie Blu
Date: January 31st, 2013
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4 years ago 

Beautiful starfish.


11 years ago 

Trixie is a beautiful. sexy woman. I would love to see this incredible woman on video

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